17 Savage Drunk Texts Sent To Mothers By Their Daughters

Assuming that most of us have drunk and dialed an ex, a friend or a family member at some point in our lives, the funniest and the most lovable is the one we text to our mothers. Daughters and mothers have a unique bonding that just seemingly blends in together. Maybe because they belong to the same gender.

And when it comes totally weirding out your sweet mother while being fully intoxicated, no matter how ugly it gets, they still handle the situation very well. It’s like they were trained for this or something, or maybe they were a little naughty in the past too. A mother’s love is unconditional truly because if they can handle your drunk and crazy behavior at 3 a.m in the morning, that’s true love!

Here are some of those 3 a.m love shared by daughters who drunk texted their mothers.

1. Must be a really important vacuum cleaner to talk about it that early in the morning.

i drunk texted my mom last night

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2. Wait! What? Did she just reply, cute?

drunk texted my mom this last night (I guess?) and this was not a response I would expect to get pic.twitter.com/K4r4f0zIcE

— Amber Siple (@ambersiple) December 10, 2017

3. Wonder who Adam and Sean are, imaginary brothers?

Drunk texted my mom about not selling the farm….. we don’t have a farm

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4. And the third ‘S’ word will be ‘savage’.

5. Who said mothers can’t understand your boyband fangirl moments.

6. Yay, turning 21, your grandpa must be really proud!

7. For some reason, her stepdad’s name is Magic Randy.

I have no recollection of this but apparently I drunk texted my mom, best friend, and stepfather last night to say we need to watch Titanic

8. Don’t even try!

9. She is a smart mother.

10. I can imagine the texts you sent to your ex.

11. I’m jealous of the understand and calmness in this convo despite the content of the texts.

12. When alcohol makes you realize your behavior.

I drunk texted my mom last night and yes I really was saying that to her😂😂😂

13. And one more reason why alcohol just brings out the best side of you.

14. Pretty good genes being passed on.

15. Let’s just think that she got some new glasses to show off.

16. Megan is definitely a grammar N**i.

17. Now, would you look at that smile!