25 Adult Jokes From Your Childhood that you Were Too Innocent To Understand

Life has a way of moving on with everything including age. Let’s just agree to the fact that growing up was not a fun task. Most of us just hated the idea of being older and giving up the freedom to go gross anywhere we want. It was a harsh reality. Anyway, we are not here to talk about all the gross things we did back then. But we are going to have an elaborate discussion about the cartoons we loved watching.

The seeds these animated characters sowed in our brains are still with us. Considering whatever we were taught by them was innocent will be wrong. Oh, so wrong!

There were dirty implications hidden in there.

You might not have been able to catch them with your innocent eyes.

1. As I said, not as innocent as you’d like to think.

2. Oh no, did this bunny just say that?

3. Then, there is this chat about the foot size.

4. Do these guys know what happened to their dad?

5. So dry, huh?

6. This is not remotely funny at first glance but when you look closer.

7. You need a microscopic vision for this one.

8. No one is gonna bother you, kid.

9. Some mistakes are well-made.

10. Compensating for a heck of things.

11. Ummm… let’s not go there.

12. Doesn’t look children friendly at all.

13. Not what any of us want to hear.

14: When you meet a world-class party girl.

15. What kind of car ride is this?

16. You gotta give this hard-worker some credit.

17. Na-uh, thank you. We are fine.

18. Batman doesn’t sound very trustworthy now.

19. How can I unsee this!?

20. Then, there is that pause.

21. Just close your eyes kids.

22. It sure does explains a lot of things.

23. Remembering things suddenly.

24. Okay no. This is wrong on so many levels.

25. And here we thought they are talking about prints.