7 Everyday Habits that may damage Our Health

Giving up damaging habits are often tough. It’s even harder to drop those who we usually think about as useful to us that indeed will do damage to our bodies.

Preventing yourself from sneezing

When we close our mouths and pinch our noses in an effort to prevent a sneeze, our intracranial pressure will increase considerably. The blood flow to our brains is disrupted, and our blood vessels and nervous tissue are compressed. this could result in headaches, injury to vessels, and even hearing issues. never stop yourself from sneezing

Using perfume


Synthetic substances are usually used to create fragrance as they turn out stronger scents and are cheaper than natural oils. These substances will cause dizziness, nausea, and sleepiness. They additionally irritate the eyes, throat, and skin. It’s a better plan to swap perfumes for essential oils or apply them solely in a well-aired space.

Storing food in plastic containers

Many plastic boxes contain artificial chemical substances, like phthalate and bisphenol, that facilitate to keep up their flexibility. If kept for an extended time in plastic boxes, such substances will seep into food. drinking them will have an effect on the system.
It’s a way higher plan to store food in containers made of glass, chrome steel, or ceramic material. Also, concentrate to the higher than symbols, as they supply helpful info regarding a way to use containers

Brushing your teeth right once eating


Dentists have long suggested that you just should brush your teeth a minimum of half-hour once eating. If potential, an hour is even higher. Food and drink — particularly those that are extremely acidic — have a bearing on the enamel of the tooth in addition because the layer below it (dentin). The movement of your toothbrush pushes the acid deeper and closer to the dentin. this could result in extreme sensitivity and harm the enamel

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