8 Tragic Olympic Deaths That damaged The Sports Event’s Image

Olympic Games are the foremost expected ones as a result of they’re considered to be the world’s foremost sports competition, with over two hundred participating nations and are control once in every four years. individuals practice and need to bear many stages to qualify. There are winners anytime, that gain the celebrity everywhere the globe and are remembered for years.

Alright! this can be what everyone is aware of. however have you ever ever remembered or thought of looking for participants who lose their lives throughout olympics.

So here could be a list of some tragic deaths that happened over the years and everyone should understand as a result of i feel they too were the winners

1. Nodar Kumaritashvili (1988-2010) : Canada

He suffered a fatal crash during a training run by losing control of his shed.

2. Nicolas Bachotay (1964-1992) : Switzerland

He died while he was warming up for a speed skiing race by colliding with a snow grooming VEHICLE.

3. Leslie Ross Milne(1944-1964): Australia

Milne died of head INJURY when he struck a tree during a practice run in the 1964 Winter Olympics.

4. Eliska Misakova (1926-1948) :Czechoslovakia

She was a part of the Czech gymnastic team for 1948 Summer Olympics. She was diagnosed with polio and died while her team was competing.

5. Francisco Lazaro (1891-1912) : Portugal

He is considered the first athlete to die during Olympics. He is believed to die from dehydration at the 1912 Summer Olympics.

6. Nicolae Berechet (1915-1936) : Romania

He was a Romanian boxer who died under mysterious circumstances during 1936 Summer Olympics.

7. Knud Enemark Jensen (1936-1960) : Denmark

He participated in the 1960 Summer Olympics as a cyclist, where the temperature hit 104 degrees Fahrenheit, because of which he was feeling dizzy and fell down on a pavement, fracturing his skull.

8. Yossef Romano (1940-1972): Israel

He participated in the 1972 Summer Olympics as a weightlifter, where he was shot by the terrorists.

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