American presidential elections 2016

The whole world watch the US presidential elections with great interest because US is the most powerful country in the world and its policies affect every country in its own way. The race to won the nomination for democratic and Republican parties has begun. The American political scene is dominated by the two parties conservative republican and centre left Democratic party. The next year’s presidential election will again take place between the two parties. The intresting battle lies ahead as campaign intensify. The Donald Trump has made the republican race more to the right and all candidates are trying to be seen more anti Muslims, anti immigration and more pro big business favouring to further lower the tax rates for the rich. On the other hand the democratic race is going to be more on the left because of Senator Bernie Sanders a very well known Socialist in the US. Senator Bernie Sanders considered more on the left and oppose free market policies and wars. Hillary Clinton has been forced to adopt more liberal and left leaning slogans than she really likes. Over all an intersting battle lies ahead in the coming days.

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