Contortionist Takes Mind-Bending Pictures To Get Over Ex-Husband

Breaking up with somebody is never easy. In the tumultuous throes of a relationship’s final days, it can often feel like you’re bending over backward to try and keep it all together. All you want to do is put your head between your knees and cry.

Some people find this process is easier to get through than others, but nobody finds it quite as simple as Russian gymnast, Zlata.

The 29-year-old contortionist used her unique skills in an attempt to get over (under and in between) her husband, who she recently separated from. Desperate to forget about him, Zlata channeled all of her energy into a calendar featuring 12 images of herself in various poses.

Watch Zlata perform some of her eye-watering tricks in the video below

Contortionist Shows Her Incredible Moves In Unique Show

Try not to wince as you watch Zlata perform her incredible tricks

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“After this year’s separation from my husband, I wanted to emphasize my charms in the new calendar. That was the idea for my new calendar,” she told the Daily Mail.

It would appear that her mission was achieved. From what I can see, her charms have truly been emphasized.

Zlata, who now resides in Germany, first realized her talent when she was four years old. Bending her body in impossible ways, she knew she was different, and, at the age of six, she began training at a circus school.

While there is no denying that Zlata, whose real name is Julia Guenthal, is a naturally gifted performer who has trained heavily to achieve such a pliable body, her incredible flexibility is in part a result of a rare condition which makes her tendons particularly bendy.

Over the years, Zlata has been able to hone her skills in order to win multiple Guinness World Records. In 2007, she set the world record for the fastest time to burst three balloons with your back, which she achieved in 12 seconds. Four years later, she managed to reign supreme in another Guinness World Record challenge by opening a record-breaking number of beer bottles with her feet in just one minute.

Whilst on the Discovery Channel in 2010, Zlata had her back inspected by a doctor who performed an MRI test. From that, he deduced that the Kazakhstan-born gymnast had ligaments similar to that of a baby. This allows her to bend her body to varying degrees in a way that would physically break most regular people.

As a result of her eye-watering flexibility and ability to captivate an audience, Zlata is now booked to perform all over the world. This high demand has helped her to navigate her particularly difficult breakup, as she performs internationally to huge audiences.

Whilst there is no doubt that Zlata’s breakup from her husband was difficult, we think she’ll have no trouble finding a replacement.

In fact, it’s easy to foresee a queue forming outside her home as men – and women! – from around the world fall in line for a chance to date one of the world’s most flexible women!

Are you impressed? I know that I am, although I’ve definitely pulled some similar moves in the club after three glasses of wine…