I Draw Dragons To Destroy The Stereotypes regarding Them..

As a child of the 80’s, dragons have always impressed me. whether or not it had been through movies, video games or dungeons, and dragons, these legendary beasts had an influence on my imagination. With this series of drawings, I wanted to indicate a distinct side of the animal.
Often dragons are portrayed as nefarious, treasure signboard monsters however I wished to break past the stereotypes and withdraw into the various personalities of every character. As so much because the styling of the drawings themselves, I wished to travel for an old fashioned look of classic illustration, perhaps even having a feel that they were sketched from life in some explorer’s journal.

#1 Raniik The Obvious


“Raniik the Obvious” fancies himself an excellent hide and seek player.

#2 Telkyn The Learned


This book wyrm loves to hoard her literary treasures.

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