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15 Proofs That Girls’ Profile Pics Should Never Be Trusted

I am simply astonished by young ladies who can chuckle at themselves. Genuine magnificence has numerous aspects, and not very many are overcome enough to demonstrate to them all. Be that as it may, these women thought outside the box and posted brave photographs that simply left us stunned. 16. © Duress56 / voat 15.…

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17 Savage Drunk Texts Sent To Mothers By Their Daughters

Assuming that most of us have drunk and dialed an ex, a friend or a family member at some point in our lives, the funniest and the most lovable is the one we text to our mothers. Daughters and mothers have a unique bonding that just seemingly blends in together. Maybe because they belong to…

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15 Cruelest Punishments For Rapists All Over The World

Rape is considered as the most offensive crime a human can commit. Rape victims are often looked down in the society and have to suffer mental torture without any fault of theirs. The society turns the offender’s life into living hell. The impact is horrific as it inflicts indelible physical, emotional and mental wounds on…

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16 Hilarious Photoshop Fails From Beginner to Expert

Some people are really good at Photoshop. They can make images that are so surreal yet look like they were captured that way on camera. They can insert themselves into situations that they weren’t even present for. Some people though, are really bad at Photoshop. This makes for some hilarious Photoshop fails. What makes a…

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The Most Perfectly Timed Photos You Have Ever Seen

These timed photos are going to get you think twice. Join us as we enjoy pictures of different political figures that most of them would like to see classified;  see the  Most Perfectly Timed Photos You Have Ever Seen below Wow… this looks pretty damn cool. It is just as if it got over-large. Hum,…

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