US heading for a messy presidential Election 2016 campaign amongst Hillary, Donald and Bernie

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are accusing each other for all sort of things. Few days ago, Trump called Hillary corrupt and she retaliated with same manner. It seems that the contest between Trump and Hillary will be dominated by personal accusations and counter accusations.
Donald Trump won the primaries of Rebuplican Party with much ease and without any big resistance from the other candidates. He took the lead from the beginning and continue to build his campaign on a clear right wing populist program. He attacked Muslims and immigrants and won the support of more right wing sections of the Republican party. He has used Orlando attack to justify his position on immigration and Muslims. He is happy to face Hillary in the November presidential election. He knows it is bit easier to attack pro establishment Clinton than anti establishment Bernie Sanders.
On the other hand, Hillary Clinton faced a tough competition from her challenger Bernie Sanders. The official leadership of Democratic Party went all out for Hillary to saw off defiant Sanders in the primaries. No body really thought that the contest between Hillary and Sanders will go that far. The party leadership did every thing that was possible for them to do to ensure victory for Hillary. American political establishment was frightened from a prospect of a contest between Sanders and Trump. Both were not trusted candidates of the establishment. So Democratic party establishment is now happy that atleast one candidate is trusted by them.
Eventhough, Hillary won majority in the delegates but Sanders is still want to take the contest to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in the last week of July. It is most likely that Hillary will be able to won the nomination in the DNC. But she is still facing the investigation from FBI on the leaked emails. FBI has decided to continue the investigation. But President Obama is tryinghard to clear her name in this investigation, so she can concentrate on her campaign.
Bernie Sanders campaign attracted millions of young and independent people. His radical campaign forced Hillary Clinton to adopt more progressive approach on some issues. Bernie Sanders campaigned on the issues of education, free health care,minimum wage of $15 an hour, more taxes on rich and big corporations and end to wars. His slogans and program attracted new layers of young people into his campaign.
If Bernie decided to run as independent candidate or on the joint ticket with Jill Stein of Green party, Then the presidential race will become very interesting. Bernie has the potential to pull millions of voters behind him. Democratic party establishment and President Obama trying very hard to avoid such situation. Bernie will make his final decision after the DNC.
If Hillary wants to win the presidential election in November than she has to won over the bernie voters. Hillary will need to adopt more left wing slogans and progressive ideas in her campaign to win over the Bernie supporters. Hillary being accused to have support and backing of big corporations and rich elite. She is known as a establishment candidate in the left wing and more progressive voters. So it will be a challenge for Hillary to win over these voters.
As being the first female candidate of a major political party, she is trying hard to attract the layers of women voters. The hard talking Trump is not particularly popular among the women voters. Hillary still has slight lead over Trump,but it is still a long way to go. It is difficult to perdict the winner at this stage, but hillary will likely be the candidate of the political establishment. The establishment will rally behind her to defeat right wing populist Trump.The Trump will play the anti immigration and anti Muslim cards in the campaign. It is going to be a right wing campaign and will give rise to racism and Islamophobia

Written and Composed by Khalid Bhatti and Full Copy Rights and Published by Whizz9

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