US Presidential Election 2016 the final between Hillary Vs Trump Critic Review

American politics today is all about the upcoming 2016 presidential election. While the elders scan the New York Times, the youngsters do consider the news shared on Twitter, Tumbler, Buzzfeed, Facebook and Snapchat. Hillary and Trump have managed to seek attention of the public and they are now hot topics these days. Now that election is just around the around the corner, here is my brief analysis on each of the candidate, their campaigns and not to forget their voters.


John Kasich is a well-known governor from Ohio and prefers to negotiate with others who disagree with his opinion. He has the ability to maintain his value and repute as a Republican. This ability can really work well in Congress at the time of creating bills when Republicans and the Democrats are not on the same page. However, you cannot deny the fact that most of the voters do not look for a moderate Republican candidate for the post of presidency. No wonder, they would look for someone who is not like Obama. And this would only be possible if the candidate is conservative. Marco Rubio He is in good books among the Republican establishment and therefore has received nomination from house representatives and senators as well. Apart from just being American, he possesses strong Christian values as well. No doubt, he is one of those who appeals to most of the voters except for the conventional whites in their forties belonging to upper or middle class.
The Americans do show their reservations on his lack of experience when compared with other politicians who are running for the election 2016. His robotic personality makes Americans uneasy.

Donald Trump

After the presidential debates, it is safe to say that he is one of those people who just cannot stop talking rubbish. You can hear him talk about anything like how he had managed to turn one million dollars into ten million dollars. He has achieved many successes in his life and possesses strong boss-like personality. One of his achievements would be that he has taken American politics to a whole new level. As a critique, I cannot ignore that he is denigrating, vulgar and a child. He has made the entire world laugh on Americans for letting him reach this far. He happens to be the most liberal candidate for the elections but will have to work really hard in convincing the educated people to vote for him. You won’t be surprised to hear from Trump that he loves poorly educated people because they love him a lot. Throughout these three presidential debates, he has shown that he is just an embarrassment to the U.S. After listening to his debates, speeches and his statements on other platforms, one cannot imagine seeing him running a country like US.

Hillary Clinton

Before I hit the tabs on pros and cons, we all know that Hillary Clinton was given the title of ‘First Lady’ in the 90s during Bill Clinton’s two term presidency. She has also served as a Secretary of State and a Senator in the first half tenure of Obama. In my opinion, that has been constructed only by looking at the first three presidential debates is that you cannot question her experience in politics and of course in foreign policy. By far, she is the most politically experienced candidate for the election 2016. Her strong foreign policies do give her an edge on her competitors. Safe to say, that’s just one of the many pros she has over Trump.
Elections are by far very positive for Hillary. She seems to have a strong pool of dedicated voters, including the blacks as well. She is special because she may turn up as the first female president in the history of United States having strong opinion about the rights of women.
However, as we read the critiques online, I understand that Hillary is usually on a hit list by the republicans because of her several failures during her tenure as a Secretary. People also have some trust issues related to her voting record and financial records. She has failed to come up with a strong campaign under pressure.

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